Blues Hockey

St. Louis Blues games are fun for the entire Anatomy table!

One of the greatest things about living in St. Louis is that it is really easy to attend a variety of professional sporting events, and there is nothing better than live Blues hockey at the Scottrade Center. There are flashing lights and screens in every direction, adrenaline-pumping music blasting through the stadium, tiers of cheering hockey fans and plenty of beer to go around. For the Harry Potter fans out there, this pretty much is as close as it gets to attending the Quidditch World Cup, except often we can get $10 student tickets to some regular season games (cheaper than the QWC), and Blues hockey involves less magic. While I am generally a proponent of nonviolence, one is guaranteed to witness a few scuffles of varying intensity, both on the ice and off, and they are, well, completely awesome. Getting to the stadium is easy, because there is a metro station just across from the main entrance. But the best part of Blues hockey is that the fun doesn’t end at the final buzzer. If our boys in blue manage to score four goals in any game, every attendee can present their ticket stub at a McDonald’s location the day after the game and get a free Big Mac. That’s right: Free. Big. Mac. Once you see the Blues play here in St. Louis, you simply can’t help but bleed blue!

— Shamaita M., M1

Cardinals Baseball

Go Cards! Students enjoy watching the Cardinals at Busch Stadium.

If you’ve ever been a fan of major league baseball, then you obviously don’t need convincing on the Cards. The Cards have now made it to the National League Championship Series four years in a row, with a World Series win within your college career (and two wins since you started high school). St. Louis is chock-full of baseball spirit, with fans wearing their Cards pride jerseys and t-shirts (order yours now for the free/discounted WashU med-sponsored games!) throughout the winter and offseason and it’s no wonder why. With the best pitching in MLB, the classiest players and fans in the U.S. (we don’t boo in Busch Stadium), Yadier Molina (attach: “One does not simply steal on Yadier Molina” meme), and the most World Series titles in the National League, the Redbirds are easily the most consistent team in baseball. Busch Stadium is stunning with its occasional post-game fireworks shows and always lively with newly opened Ballpark Village right across the street so that you can enjoy Cards wins live from a balcony with your beer from the Budweiser Brew House or your ice cream from Ted Drewes. You might even run into Michael Wacha on one of your outings. With Papa John’s half-off on your order every time the Redbirds win (which is basically three or four times/week), even you non-baseball fans will be checking that MLB app every night as the Cards are going to be saving you quite a bit of $$ these next four years.

— Diana J., M1

Rams Football

If I were writing this article circa 1999, I’d be both a medical prodigy and a much more enthusiastic Rams fan. Alas, it seems that the days of the “Greatest Show on Turf” are long behind us in St. Louis. That being said, however, the tickets are reasonably priced, the stadium is close, and parking is easy in scenic downtown St. Louis! Plus, as a medical student (especially if you’re interested in orthopedics), it’s intellectually stimulating to contemplate which injuries will cripple the Ram’s chances in a given season. Whether it’s Kurt Warner’s broken fingers, Sam Bradford’s torn ACL or Danny Amendola’s separated shoulder, going to a Rams game can be a great way to brush up before the second anatomy exam. In all seriousness though, I love the St. Louis Rams and as long as Los Angeles doesn’t decide it wants them back, football fans won’t be disappointed in choosing St. Louis for medical school.

— Jay D., M1