Moolah Theater

Ever sat in a soulless megaplex’s IMAX theater, watching the summer’s biggest blockbuster, and thought “dang, I wish I could be watching this from the comfort of a couch on an even bigger screen with adult beverage in hand … in a temple!”? You are in luck — the Moolah Theater and Lounge is the perfect place for you, and only a mile from WashU’s medical campus! The Moolah is a restored Shriner’s Temple that contains a single theater with plush leather couches and loveseats on the floor in front of the largest screen in St. Louis, in addition to regular balcony/stadium theater seating for less snuggly theatergoers. From the Moorish architecture to the black leather couches to the marble atrium, the Moolah is a classy joint that, fittingly, is also sports a full bar. Patrons are allowed to bring their adult beverages into the theater itself, though the Moolah also sells normal theater fare – popcorn, soda, and candy. And finally, the Moolah contains an eight-lane bowling alley in its basement, at which you can attempt to burn off the 1,000 calories of popcorn and cocktails you had during the movie.

— Victor K., M1

Chase Park Plaza

A trip to the Chase Park Plaza Theater is possibly the most luxurious movie-going experience you will ever have! Just a short 15-minute walk from campus, you can step into one of the most beautiful hotels in St. Louis, where you can appreciate a charming fountain, lobby, and artwork while on your way to your movie. After watching your film, you’ll be treated to candy served on a silver platter. If that’s not enough, you may even get to enjoy a performance by an organ player beforehand. Possibly my favorite part about the Chase is that the ticket prices are low, especially on Wednesdays when they are only $5! If you’re looking for a convenient, cheap, and thoroughly luxurious movie-watching experience, look no further than the Chase Park Plaza Theater!

— Anjlie G., M1