Famous for their “penny pitcher Wednesdays,” Humphrey’s Tavern is a popular student hangout.

I’m just going to say it now: Humphrey’s – penny pitcher Wednesdays in particular – is the bomb-diggity. From 11 p.m. to midnight every Wednesday, you basically just tip the bartender a dollar for a refill on a pitcher, which, it goes without saying, is an amazing hump-day discount. The usual move is to get a group to show up around 10:30 and order your first few pitchers (eight or nine bucks each – boohoo) so that you can start getting refills right at 11. From there, it’s an hour of festivities and games with your classmates. There’s also live music out back, which is solid and extends past midnight. Humphrey’s is by SLU, so getting there is either a matter of a moderate/long walk, a metro ride or a short cab ride if necessary. You will almost certainly go there on orientation week (trust me, I’m a social chair) and, if it’s anything like the experience my class had, y’all will have an amazing time.

— Doug H., M1