Grocery Stores

First, make friends with someone with a car. But really, you can definitely get groceries without a car (it’s just more convenient if you’re buying a lot). A good grocery store in the area is Schnucks on Lindell. It has a pretty decent selection, but sometimes the fresh fruit and veggies choices are limited. If you’re looking for a bigger, fresher selection of fruits and vegetables, the Schnucks on Clayton is awesome! Straub’s in the Central West End is a pricey but high-end store. If you’re a Trader Joe’s person (and who isn’t?), there’s one in the Brentwood shopping area. There’s a MetroLink stop there, so you can get there pretty easily from campus! If you’re into mass purchasing food, there’s a Costco out in the ‘burbs. A Whole Foods is being built in CWE and should be open in summer 2015.

— Mindy G., M1

Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are a great way to get to know St. Louis, as there are many located around the city. The Soulard market is a St. Louis institution. This bustling market has been around for hundreds of years and offers the widest selection of produce and goods, including world-famous goat cheese and freshly-made kettle corn. Alternatively, the Tower Grove market in Tower Grove Park has a low-key community vibe. Although it offers a limited selection of produce, a greater proportion of it is locally farmed. Additional draws are the live music and assortment of delicious food trucks. Finally, the medical school conveniently holds its own farmer’s market every Thursday. It is small but carries a selection that rivals most grocery stores, with stands for spices, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs. Other recommended farmer’s markets are the Webster Grove market and Long Acres Farm market in the Delmar Loop.

— Laura L., M1


The CSA box is an amazing way to get fresh and high-quality produce, meat and dairy products from local farmers. Since I do not have a car, I use the CSA box to get 80 percent of my groceries (usually more than enough to feed me for two weeks when supplemented with free meals). Sign up online ( to receive a box weekly or bi-weekly for the season. You can choose a pre-decided box with a wide assortment of in-season produce (that you can modify) or a box that you can fill on your own. There usually is a decent selection of produce, as well as a more limited selection of meat, dairy and pastry products. At approximately $30 for an average-sized box, it is also a pretty good deal. Every  Thursday, you can pick up your ordered box at the farmers’ market on campus. Getting a CSA box is a super affordable and convenient way to get fresh groceries. You can also feel great about yourself for supporting local farmers and being sustainable!

— Cynthia W., M1