Sameem is a great Afghan restaurant that really delivers in terms of taste, service and hospitality. Located in The Grove across from the Saturday Neighborhood Health Clinic (around a five-minute drive from campus), Sameem has friendly owners who love to share their cuisine and culture. Most of their dishes are in the $10-$15 range and have a portion size somewhere between big and humongous. They have a sizable selection of lamb, chicken, shrimp and vegetarian dishes. My favorite ones so far are their lamb karahi and their samosas. The only downside is that this place is small, so making a reservation in advance is definitely recommended.

— Dalen K., M1


Caution: Food coma may occur after eating at Rasoi.

Despite its simple name meaning “Kitchen,” Rasoi is home to a wide variety of tasty South-Asian dishes. A five-minute walk from class, Rasoi’s $11 lunch buffet is perfect for anyone who missed breakfast and is in need of an endless supply of nourishment. Warning: Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is quite common to over-eat and end up in a food coma. In the evenings, the restaurant is great for a shared meal with friends, a date, a birthday dinner, or even for a quick take-out meal. Baller on a budget? Never fear! Rasoi is frequently catered for the free lunch and dinner talks on campus. Curry lovers rejoice!

— Kunal M., M1