Cherokee Street

You can take the boy out of Mexico, but you can’t take Mexico out of the boy. For Mexican goodies, go to Cherokee Street.

As my class’s resident Mexican, nobody understands the struggle of getting decent Mexican food in St. Louis better than me. Your options are definitely limited, but Cherokee Street is the place to go. You’ll find a variety of great restaurants, fun bars and Hispanic convenience stores, which sell everything you need to make your own Mexican food at super affordable prices! Plus, shopping there is a great way to support the local economy. Check out La Vallesana and Diana’s Bakery for great food and desserts.

— Jorge Z. R., M1


Only five minutes away from campus, Tortillaria is one of the go-to places for young professionals in the CWE. You’ll often see fellow classmates, TA’s and even professors at this Mexican-themed restaurant. Regardless of whether you find true love, get that 99% on your anatomy exam or diagnose yourself with 50 diseases, you can’t go wrong with eating here. Now, let’s talk food. The fish tacos, they’re ______ . I say _______ because they are ______ (note how I can’t describe them). But if fish tacos don’t suit your fancy, there’s always the burritos, which are a great value for the money. Or, watch how a plate can suddenly seem humongous when the enchiladas make their landing. While you wait for your scrumptious meal you can enjoy free tortilla chips and visit the salsa bar, where a wide selection of tangy, spicy, or mild salsas beckons. Dine indoors or outdoors, the choice is up to you.

— Kevin L., M1