John Donut Co.

John Donut is open during some odd hours at an odd location, and they have odd decor, but their donuts are awesome.

The first time that someone takes you to John Donut (invariably after midnight), you might think that the semi-industrial area looks a little too similar to the crime scenes on Law and Order. In this case, however, going with your gut means ignoring these thoughts and continuing on to St. Louis’ donut mecca. John Donut, for all the myth and Superman memorabilia, is a simple donut shop doing it right. Forget the bells and whistles of other donut shops and order a classic; the original glazed will be the best you’ve ever had and the apple fritters are also stellar. It’s open 11 p.m.-11 a.m., so you can get hot and fresh donuts after a night of hitting the books or the bars. Suggesting a trip to John Donut will win you huge points with your friends, and those you initiate to the experience will be forever indebted to you. Get yourself to John Donut ASAP, but whatever you do, don’t step up to the counter unless you know what you want or are prepared for a LOT of sass (it’s all part of the charm).

— Rachel S., M1

Ted Drewes

It’s never too cold for Ted Drewes’s frozen custard!

If euphoria and true love could take on a physical form, it would most likely contain 10 percent butterfat and come in a bright yellow cup. Ted Drewes can be found on Chippewa Street, where the lines for the world’s best frozen custard spill over onto the road no matter the time of year. The menu includes every topping and flavor you could possibly fathom. When the cashiers hand you your order, they flip the cup upside-down to prove that Ted Drewes’ custard is so thick and creamy, it won’t fall out. There really are no words to describe this amazing frozen treat. You simply have to go there and try for yourself!

— Shamaita M., M1

The Cup

The Cup, hands-down the best dessert place in St. Louis, is conveniently located in CWE’s Maryland Plaza, dangerously close walking distance from WUSM and my apartment. The cupcakes are reasonably priced (~$3), and there are featured seasonal cupcakes as well as classic cupcakes available year-round. Try the limited edition cupcakes whenever you go because the classics are good but the specialty cupcakes are AMAZING. My favorites are Pumpkin Harvest (available in the fall) and Minty O’Malley (a mint chocolate chip cupcake made in honor of St. Patty’s Day). If you’re not feeling adventurous, then try a classic like Red Velvet. Their website,, tells you the schedule of when each limited edition cupcake is available. With so many options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a Cup cupcake!

— Sonya L., M1

Bissinger’s Chocolate

Bissinger’s Chocolate: so mouthwatering, it’s unexplainable.

If heaven had another name, it would be Bissinger’s. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Bissinger’s is a chocolate bar in the middle of Maryland Plaza (only five blocks from campus). It offers what chocolate lovers would die for: drinking chocolate (a melted fondue dessert), molten cake (gluten free too!), brownies, cookies, candies and more! There are several treats for the non-chocolate connoisseurs as well: bread pudding, cheese platters and delectable coffees. You can never go wrong with any option. Come satisfy your chocolate cravings in a classy and cozy, European-style environment with excellent staff. The Bissinger’s gods will surprise you!

— Rubabin T., M1

Piccione Pastry

If you’re like me and have a huge sweet tooth, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards Piccione Pastry after dinner on the Loop. With so many treats to choose from, it’s difficult to pick just one (don’t be surprised if you end up taking home a box). They have unique cannoli flavors (gooey butter and s’mores!), gelato, pasticiotti and wonderful cakes. Piccione offers gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan options too! While it may seem to be a bit expensive ($3.50/cannoli), they have a 20 percent student discount after 8 p.m. on many weekday nights. It has a great European café feel to it, so if you enjoy pastries and coffee, definitely try it out!

— Sampat S., M1