Good for Coffee and Studying

Studying in cafes is a great alternative to being holed up in school for too long (and allows you to stay well caffeinated and fed at all times!). There is not a plethora of good cafés/coffee shops nearby, but there are a few gems. The closest café is St. Louis Bread Company (Panera), which is great for its convenience and free coffee refills. My personal favorite by far is Café Ventana. It has delicious food (including lots of gluten-free/restricted diet options), good coffee, and unique specialty drinks. There is even live jazz music on the weekends. The main café is usually lively and good for people-watching, but if you need quiet to concentrate, there is also a separate dedicated study room. Another lovely option for coffee shop studying is Northwest Coffee Roasting Company. The ambience is cozy (there is a fireplace!) and the drinks are perfect for genuine coffee-lovers (i.e. no over-sweetened Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Finally, if you are open to venturing a little further, Blueprint Coffee in the Delmar Loop is a hip place with excellent (albeit slightly overpriced) coffee and amazing pastries from Comet Coffee.

— Cynthia W., M1