Downtown? Yes. Close to a MetroLink stop? Yes. Vegan and vegetarian friendly? Yes. Cheap parking a block away? Yes. Hipster enough for you? Probably (if printed mason jars for glasses and a painted industrial interior don’t do it for you, then tough luck!). Rooster is one of the coolest spots in St. Louis to grab brunch. From their huge assortment of sweet and savory crepes, to their calorific slingers (which can be made vegan!), Rooster has an extensive menu. You probably won’t know what to do with yourself once you see the four different types of bacon crepes. Although it is a bit on the pricier side for breakfast food, you definitely won’t care after your glorious food coma. There’s even a new location that just opened on South Grand, so long waits on the weekend are no longer a concern.

— Sindhoora M., M1

The Mud House

Mud House: Gateway to the Best (coffee in town)

While the thought of leaving the WUSM/CWE “bubble” might give some people heart palpitations, venturing out for food at The Mud House is worth the effort. This isn’t your typical greasy spoon diner, but the place you go when you want high-quality and inventive dishes that won’t break the bank. The Mud House is quirky and inviting, with a section of books for sale, board games as wallpaper in the bathroom, and incredible latte art that make this the perfect spot for a chill breakfast with friends (or for studying, if you are so inclined). As a bonus, Mud House is on Cherokee Street about a block from Whisk Bake Shop, so as you walk off your breakfast, you just might stumble onto some excellent dessert. Remember: There’s always room for dessert.

— Rachel S., M1

Half & Half

Half & Half is a trendy brunch place located in Clayton. It is best to get there early, because the wait can be up to an hour, especially on the weekends! I am not a morning person, so it speaks to how delicious this place is that I can wake up early (meaning before 9 a.m.) just to eat here. The food is a little more on the pricey side ($10-$20), but definitely not unreasonable and the food is well worth the price. I recommend the steak and eggs which features rare (and juicy) steak chunks with a buttery hash, crispy fried onions, and two eggs topped with a creamy and buttery Hollandaise sauce. Their fresh-squeezed orange juice and mimosas are tasty as well. Half & Half is great place to enjoy a high quality breakfast/brunch!

— Phuong L., M1

City Coffeehouse and Creperie

City Coffeehouse and Creperie is a popular and affordable (<$10) restaurant in Clayton. It offers a wide selection of savory and sweet crepes, sandwiches, salads and coffee/espressos. You can’t go wrong with any of their delicious crepes, but their savories are some of the best I have tasted. Try the Fajita, which contains grilled chicken, peppers, avocados and a house-made rojo sauce to spice it up. My favorite sweet crepes are the Freedom (strawberries and blueberries in creme fraiche) and the Raspberry Beret (raspberries and white chocolate). City also offers seasonal drinks and crepes that are available for a limited time, such as pumpkin pie crepes (the greatest invention of all time) in November/December. It’s best to go with a friend so you can each get a savory and then split a sweet crepe for dessert! In terms of coffee, the red velvet latte is a must-try. City Coffeehouse is my favorite place to get brunch, the best meal of the day, so definitely try it out!

— Sonya L., M1

Crepes: Etc

Rich, mouthwatering crepes from Crepes Etc. go well with embryology studying.

What defines a well-made crepe? Well, if you are me, it would be a pastry bursting with so much filling and so much flavor that you (and the crepe) explode! Crepes: Etc. offers its patrons rich, mouthwatering crepes that are truly something else. These are not your “typical” crepes. These are a MEAL. Take your friends out to brunch and forget about having dinner! You can choose between sweet and savory options, and either way, you are set for the day. Beyond crepes, you can also choose from the restaurant’s signature dishes and soups. Don’t forget the 15 percent student discount! So if you are looking for a hardy, French-American meal, stop by and indulge at Crepes Etc.

— Rubabin T., M1