Taste is a cozy, upscale bar and restaurant close to the medical center. It offers seasonal small plates and a few entrees, all locally sourced. However, the real star is the cocktail list, which is enormous, though a little indecipherable (“lapsang souchong infused benedictine,” anyone?). Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the bartender is putting in your drink, because it will be delicious anyway. Classic cocktails are $6 on Sunday and Monday. Pro tip: Don’t expect a table right away on weekends.

NB: The last time I went to Taste, I ran into half of the Anatomy teaching staff, so be warned.

— Elizabeth D., M1

Mike Talayna’s

It’s midnight on the night after the first Anatomy exam and, to culminate an intense post-anatomy class party, you’re looking to turn up. The celebratory buzz leads you and some friends to a cab. Five minutes and a couple bucks later, you find yourself at a sketchy shack with the word “OPEN” scrawled in cursive across the roof in fluorescent white light. Suddenly, you’re seeing purple. There are mirrors, disco balls and neon lights as far as the eye can see. Three bars. A dance floor. Weird people. Perfection. Is it a strip club? Not anymore. Whether you spend the night dancing with friends, chatting up strangers or (if you’re lucky enough to arrive during karaoke hours) crooning your heart out to a supportive crowd, Mike Talayna’s will likely remain a guilty pleasure throughout your time at WUSM. P.S. It is in very close proximity to a number of late night fast food joints. Go figure.

— Kunal M., M1


A post Anatomy exam brunch at Wildflower is always a good thing.

Wildflower is a neighborhood go-to for any occasion for WashU students and other young people in the Central West End. It may be depressing to see residents and nurses enjoying post-night shift mimosas as you walk to 8:30 class, but, day after day, the charming patio – complete with adorable lights strung amongst beautiful flowers – is bound to draw you in. You won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s a few cocktails before hitting up Talayna’s, a classy dinner with your faculty mentor group, a much needed Sunday morning brunch, or a post-anatomy exam drink with your classmates, Wildflower is sure to be there for you when you need it most.

— Emily M., M1

Club Viva

I never thought medical school would be the time when I would pick up a new hobby, but then Club Viva’s Thursday salsa nights came into my life. With ladies free until 10:30 (and gentlemen only pay a $5 cover), it is a super inexpensive way to break out of the med school bubble for a few hours, get some physical activity in, drink a few Coronas, and have the most fun you’ll have all week. Our class has a crew that goes every week, so there’s always someone to tag along with, and there are guaranteed to be enough expert dancers to help teach beginners. And if you want some professional help, there’s a free beginner lesson before the dance opens EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Dance styles include salsa, merengue and bachata, with the occasional cumbia thrown in. ¡Vamos a bailar!

— Caroline W., M1


A wall sit competition going down
at iTap. The half-priced taps on
Monday are hard to pass up.

The beginning of the week is hard. You don’t need me to tell you that. Luckily, the CWE has a solution for “The Mondays:” International Tap House, or iTap, as it is affectionately known. Just a short walk down Euclid, iTap offers everything you could want from happy hour: comfy couches, lots of room, and (most importantly) good beer — half of which are half-off every Monday (usually around $2.50 a pint). Fittingly, swarms of medical students pack in to iTap to take advantage of this deal every Monday night. There also are plenty of reasons to visit iTap on other days of the week, namely trivia nights, football games, brewery events, and live music. Whether you’re looking for an escape from the carrels or you’re just sick of Bud Light, iTap is the place to be!

— Liz M., M1